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Grappa Bottega Riserva Privata Barricata Amarone

Riserva Privata Barricata has its origin in a reserve of Amarone grappa. Distilled from fermented grape skins used in the production of the prestigious Della Valpolicella wine, it is the result of the passion and expertise of master distillers, transforming a solid raw material into a liquid with an exceptional profile. It is long ageing in wood which gives the liquid its intense amber colour, enriching its bouquet and giving it a captivating and intriguing grappa pleasing even the most refined palates.


Flavours of honey and vanilla turning into cocoa with delicate spice rise through the olfactory, whilst a full, round and persistent taste on the palate expresses the typical structure of its ordinary vines. Hints of noble wood come as a result of its long ageing.

Grappa Bottega Riserva Privata Barricata Amarone

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