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Uncovering the History and Flavours of Pinsa Romana: The Romans' Pizza

Updated: Mar 1

What is Pinsa Romana? 

Pinsa is a specialty of Italian cuisine made up of a mix of flours, a high percentage of water, and a reduced intake of fat. Apparently simple, in reality, the Pinsa Romana dough requires long processing and careful spreading by hand. This allows us to obtain a highly digestible product, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.



To understand the origins of Pinsa, let's start with the dough, unique because it is made up of three different flours combined: the wheat, rice, and soy flours are finely processed to obtain a mixture with a low gluten content and a high level of water. without the addition of animal fats.



48 hours and beyond! Just like the leavening time of our Pinsa which we leave to rise slowly for at least 48 hours! In fact, patience is needed, only in this way is it possible to obtain a light and very digestible Pinsa.



Pinsa is famous for its narrow and oval shape, which helps the correct escape of excess humidity during cooking. The wavy surface is obtained by the pressure of the fingers of the Master Pinsa-ioli. The unique type of air bubbles allows the air to be retained in the mixture and makes the Pinsa crunchy and very digestible!

Once stretched, the bases are immediately cooked briefly to block the leavening and maturation of the dough at the perfect moment.   Now all you have to do is choose how to dress yours :)

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