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The History of Colomba di Pasqua “Easter Dove”

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

There are several legends related to the origin of Colomba Pasquale. The oldest dates to the 6th century, when King Alboin (Former King of the Lombards) laid siege to the castle of Pavia. It is said that when the castle surrendered, he was offered a dove-shaped sweet bread as a symbol of peace.

La Colomba di Pasqua, or “the Easter dove,” is a sweet Italian cake served on Easter, symbolising peace and the start of spring. Colomba contains only candied orange peel and no raisins, with a sugary almond topping. The cake can be thought of as the counterpart of the classic Christmas cakes panettone and pandoro and is found on every Italian family's table on Easter.

Colomba di Pasqua “Easter Dove”
Colomba di Pasqua “Easter Dove”

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