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World best wine 2018- Terlaner Primo Grande Cuvée - All You Need to Know

Updated: May 5

Terlaner Primo Grande Cuvée 2018
Terlaner Primo Grande Cuvée 2018

In 2019 the Terlaner Primo Grande Cuvée was awarded 100 points, from the most renowned Austrian gastronomic magazine Falstaff

Terlaner Primo Grande Cuvée 2018 Vintage

The 2018 vintage, from a meteorological point of view, could be defined as "extreme" as it was characterized by a snowy winter and a rainy March, conditions which allowed an excellent supply of water for the vines. Due to the cooler temperatures of early spring, budding began later than in previous years - in mid-April. The continuation of the season was characterized by an almost summery climate, alternating with intense rain, which guaranteed rapid phenological development of the vines, giving rise to flowering at the end of May, a month characterized by a variable and rainy climate. Subsequently, a torrid June ended with a hailstorm covering a large area, causing damage in some of our vineyards, which our producers promptly repaired with great diligence and commitment.The months of July and August were characterized by a great heat wave without precipitation, interrupted by heavy rains at the beginning of September.As in 2017, the harvest began on August 22nd. Overall, the vintage was satisfactory both in terms of quantity and quality of the wines produced.

Terlaner Primo Grande Cuvée 2018 Description

Color: bright straw yellow;

Bouquet: rich and complex; It is expressed with aromas of citrus fruits, white pepper, aromatic herbs and a delicate smoky note.

Taste: Its elegance and excellent balance are based on a fine and important structure and a refined texture, which give it a unique character. Its exceptional persistence does not only describe a simple pleasantness, but above all represents the purest expression of a unique mineral terroir in the world.

Winemaker's Personal Note on this Incredible Terlaner Primo Grande Cuvée wine

"We were looking for a perfect synthesis, an expression of the purest soul of the Terlano winery. We wanted a wine that fully represents our centuries-old tradition, which brings together the excellence of our best vines and the most prized crus. Our research has achieved its goal: Terlaner Primo Grande Cuvée."

Rudi Kofler

Caracteristics of Terlaner Primo Grande Cuvée

CuvéeOrigin:  Alto Adige

DOC denomination:  Alto Adige Terlano

Variety: 65% Pinot Bianco, 33% Chardonnay, 2% Sauvignon

Vintage: 2018

Yield: 35 hl/ha

Orientation:  South - South-West


Pinot Bianco 550 - 600 m above sea level 

Chardonnay 350 m above sea level

Sauvignon Blanc 330 m above sea level

Terlaner Primo Grande Cuvée - Winemaking

Pressing: delicate whole bunch pressing; Clarification of the must: natural cold sedimentation

Fermentation and maturation: slow fermentation in large oak barrels (12 hl); malolactic fermentation and ageing for 12 months on the yeasts in traditional wooden barrels

Blending : May 2018

Bottling date: 1 August 2018

Terlaner Primo Grande Cuvée - Techical Data

  • Alcohol content: 14.0% vol

  • Residual sugar: 1.1 g/l

  • Total acidity: 6.9 g/l

How to Best Appreciate Terlaner Primo Grande Cuvée

Suggested glass: Burgundy glass

Serving temperature:  12 - 14 °C

Recycling information

Check the provisions of your MunicipalityCapsule – TIN 42 – plastic/aluminium – aluminium and metal collectionCap – FOR 51 – cork – diff collection. For organic waste bottle – GL 71 – glass – glass collectionCarton – PAP 20 – corrugated cardboard – paper collectionCarton 2 – PAP 21 – non-corrugated cardboard – paper collection

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