An Evening with Gulfi Wines

At the end of the month our wine tasting and food paring evenigs will be heading back to Sicily.

Symposium has brought in a new range of wines from the organic wine producer Gulfi based in the south eastern part of the island. In 1995, Vito Catania inherited part of the family's land from his father, who had bought it with his entire savings made in France as a migrant. This was the beginning of Gulfi, a pioneering winery in Sicily re-discovering the Pachino's prestigious crus. We are pleased to welcome Davide Catania, who will present three of the most interesting organic wines from the estate: Cerasuolo di Vittoria, Carjcanti and Nerojbleo. As usual, the wines will be accompanied by dishes of the traditional Sicilian cuisine.

Their vines are cultivated in the ancient districts of Pachino and Val di Noto. The Gulfi ethos is based around the legend of Eros (love) and Psyche (beauty) and their passion for each other giving rise to Voluptuousness (pleasure); the wines they produce are in essence a pure expression of pleasure. The image on the label of Gulfi wines has been taken from a mosaic of Eros and Psyche found in Piazza Armerina. 
The “naturalness” of Gulfi wines comes from the fruit of traditional and organic wine growing and non-invasive vinification. The essence of Sicilian vine cultivation is the cultivation of alberello or small tree vines, which are difficult to manage as all the cultivation is done manually. But this gives rise to highly refined and complex wines which are an authentic expression of the terroir they originate from.

Cerasuolo di Vittoria is a blend of 50% Nero d’Avola and 50% Frappato, harvested and fermented separately, but both coming from a single vineyard located in Chiaramonte Gulfi, Monti Iblei region (Ragusa) where the Frappato grapes and the Cerasuolo di Vittoria take their origins. The grapes come from “Vigna Stidda” vineyard, with about 1 hectar in the Canzeria Valley.

Carjcanti is a blend of a indigenous vine of the Etna Vulcan, the Carricante, mingled with an extremely rare vine, the Albanello. which have been cultivated for centuries on Mount Iblea in the province of Ragusa. A wine that leaves you speechless. The grapes come from the “Campo”, in the Canzeria Valley with about 1,5 hectares of vines.

Nerojbleo, 100% Nero d’Avola, has all the striking characteristics of the wine produced from this renowned grape variety which has been cultivated for centuries on Mount Iblea in the province of Ragusa: intense, rich and fragrant with a lovely freshness and minerality. The grapes come from the “Le Coste” vineyard, located in the Canzeria Valley, the largest of Gulfi’s vineyards with four hectares of vines.