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Casaretti Chiaretto Rifermentato

The "Refermented" is a fresh, straight and frank sparkling wine produced by the Casaretti winery, a reality that stands on the eastern shores of Lake Garda. Produced with the ancestral method without disgorgement, it gives a floral bouquet, with hints of yeast and white pulp fruit. The sip overflows with freshness and liveliness, making it drinkable, smooth and thirst-quenching. Pair with freshwater fish that is grilled, baked, cooked in salt, boiled or even raw. Any antipasto and any happy occasion!


The wine growing region of Bardolino lies among morainic hills on the eastern shore of Lake Garda.Due to the influence of the Lake, it benefits from a mild sub-Mediterranean climate, which favours olive and grape growing. Autochthonous grape varieties of the province of Verona e.g. “Corvina”, “Corvinone”, “Rondinella”, “Molinara” and “Garganega” are grown here, as well as varieties that come from different regions but have adapted to our territory.The soil of glacial origin shows great diversity and makes local wines even more complex and various.

Casaretti Chiaretto Rifermentato

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