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Al-Cantàra, 'Occhi di Ciumi', Etna, Sicily

A beautifully fresh wine with a core of minerality shiningthrough the spicy flavour, long and saline on the finish.



The wine was made reductively, without any contact with oxygen thus reducing theuse of sulphur. The grapes were gently crushed without being destemmed and themust was clarified by sedimentation for 36 to 48 hours. Fermentation took place instainless steel tanks at 12 to 18°C lasting for 15 days. The wine was racked twice toremove the gross lees, before being transferred to stainless steel tanks. The wine wasaged on its fine lees which imparted further texture and complexity for between fiveand nine months. The wine was made without the influence of oak, in order toexpress the purity of the native Carricante variety and the volcanic terroir. Bottleaged for a further year.T



Al-Cantàra, 'Occhi di Ciumi', Etna, Sicily

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    Carricante 88%, Grecanico 12%

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